Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Friends

It's super hard for me to make friends i'm the kind of person that doesn't like rejection and doesn't trust easily. Fortunately for me I do have some good friends. I have known my best friend Sharon for I think 10 years now, and we have always been close. She is the type of person I can talk to about anything and she understands me.

I am thankful to have her in my life!

My 2nd best friend is Jenn and I haven't known her that long but its seems like I have known her forever. We have a lot in common, and we both love vampires lol. We actually met at Sharon's baby shower and been friends ever since. 

Jennifer and her adorable daughter Madison

My other friend happens to be my cousin, Khatijah. Even though we don't see each other because she lives in another state we stay connected via text. We can both relate to each other's feelings and she helps me when i'm in a slump.

Of course I have to mention my new friend Pooja, whom I spent a lot of time on skype with this past week. She has finals coming up so I just want to wish her GOOD LUCK :)

Like I said I don't have much friends but i'm thankful for the ones I do have!

Until next time...
~Sweetly Shakiira~


  1. Great post!! Thank you....!! I honestly cannot wait until I am done with finals, LOL.... but then I'm taking M I C R O B I O L O G Y... scary! :)